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FAQ for Job Seekers

Do you only provide Temp Services?

The majority of our companies are seeking career minded individuals who are seeking to fill long term, growth-oriented jobs.

You will be employed by Darrell Walker Workforce for a probationary period and if it is a good fit for you and for our client company, then you may be transferred onto their payroll.

If you are seeking part-time jobs or temporary work only, we also cater to employers that have these types of needs, but we frequently know the anticipated end-date of these types of assignments and can advise you accordingly.

We offer our “Try & Hire” plan, Direct Hire and Professional Placement services as well.

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Do I have to pay a fee?

You will only be responsible for the cost of your drug screening and criminal background check, should you accept a position or an assignment with one of our employers.

If you require safety equipment (hard hat, safety glasses, etc.) and choose to acquire the equipment through our agency, then Darrell Walker Workforce can payroll deduct you for these expenses.

Some positions may require us to check your driving history, which could result in a minimal charge.

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Can a staffing agency really help a skilled professional?


Darrell Walker Workforce specialize in matching professionals with rewarding careers.

Our staffing and placement services include a variety of job categories and industry sectors such as Health Care (medical and dental fields), Sales, Management, Information Technology, Legal, Accounting & Finance, and Engineering.

Skilled laborers such as welders, machinists, technicians, and equipment operators routinely find employment.

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Aren’t all Temp Agencies the same?

Allow us to say ‘No’ as emphatically as possible.

Darrell Walker Workforce believes in changing people’s lives through meaningful employment. The difference is our team.

If you have a skill and we don’t have an opening, we call every company we know to request an interview on your behalf.  We genuinely care about finding qualified applicants jobs that will enrich their lives.

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How do I apply with you?

Proceed to our Job Board and send us your resume.

Darrell Walker Workforce looks forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best success with your career search.

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FAQ for Employers

How do you find qualified job seekers to fit our company’s needs?

Because each situation is different based on the current job market, Darrell Walker Workforce takes that extra step to find the person that is qualified with the skill set you are searching for.

We utilize many recruiting sources which include:

  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Print media
  • Internet search boards
  • Job fairs, and
  • Open-house events

The ever-changing job market requires a staffing agency that can evolve and adapt. We are ready for the challenge and strive to find the best quality personnel.

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How does Darrell Walker WorkForce screen applicants for available positions?

We have many recruitment tools including:

  • Personality tests
  • Ability tests
  • Skills assessments, and more

With our success in the placement industry, we have a multitude of avenues open for finding the best talent for your needs.

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Do you place a priority on the safety of your associates and their work site at the Client Company?

Darrell Walker WorkForce emphasizes safety with each of our employees before each assignment.

We have a safety management team that cares about you as our customer.

We partner with you to increase your production without neglecting the safety and well-being of our employee.

This is a TOP Priority for Darrell Walker WorkForce.

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What is included in my bill rate?

Our competitive billing rates cover many benefits, including:

  • All payroll related taxes
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Recruiting, and
  • Screening for your specific needs

Screening performed by Darrell Walker WorkForce includes:

  • Drug screening
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal background checks (state, out-of-state, and federal), and
  • Searches in the National Sex Offender database[1. Learn more about the National Sex Offender database.]

When Darrell Walker WorkForce does the recruiting for you, your time previously spent sorting through a mountain of unqualified applications and resumes can then be better spent on productive, revenue-generating activities.

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How does it work exactly?

The first step is to call us or complete the Employer Contact Form and let us know how to reach you.

Darrell Walker WorkForce can talk to you by phone and make arrangements to visit your company in-person, if needed, to better understand your company’s specific culture and hiring requirements.

Once we determine your needs, we will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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But, how much will it cost me?

There is not a one-plan-fits-all solution.

We will need to know the jobs to be performed by our employees to determine the insurance and payroll cost for your particular business. Though our bill rates vary from industry to industry, we remain highly competitive to ensure that our partnership will save your company money and time.

We will provide you with a Certificate of Liability insurance when we give you our billing rate for your position(s). Once we know the insurance expense and the cost that you desire to pay the new employee, then we can quote a bill rate that makes sense for your needs.

Think of the amount of time you are spending on in-house recruiting and the dollars paid on advertising, payroll taxes, insurance, drug screening, and criminal background checks.

We are confident you will find a partnership with Darrell Walker WorkForce makes great economic sense.

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