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Accounting Finance Jobs in Birmingham, Alabama - financial and accounting tools of the trade

Darrell Walker WorkForce offers Finance & Accounting Jobs in Alabama.

Accounting/Finance Job Openings

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About Accounting & Finance Jobs

Accountant Jobs in Birmingham, Alabama - accountant crunching numbers on calculator for clients

Accounting and Finance employees prepare, examine, analyze and interpret accounting records, as well as assess financial operations and assist organizations to run efficiently.

The responsibilities of the positions could range from preparing financial statements, giving financial advice, managing budgets, payrolls and overseeing purchasing to auditing and evaluating statements prepared by others as well as handling tax matters.

The ideal person for this position is one who is able to work without supervision and is self motivated.

They should be deadline oriented, have excellent time management and attention to detail and s/he should have a passion for numbers and the application thereof.

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Requisite Job Skills

Financial Job Skills in Birmingham, Alabama - accountant discussing finances with seniors

In order to successfully fill an accounting/finance position, you will need skills and behaviors such as:

  • Honoring confidentiality
  • Effective listening
  • Ability to communicate complex financial information in a clear, straightforward manner
  • Problem solving
  • Being detail oriented without losing sight of the big picture
  • Proficiency in Accounting software
  • Competency with general and advanced math

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Industries Offering Accounting/Finance Jobs

Financial Jobs in Birmingham, Alabama - woman reviews financial reports

Accountants work in all industry sectors and public services.

You can expect to find these positions in the following industries: Corporate Management, State and Local Government, Public Accounting and Internal Auditing.

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Accounting Job Titles

Accountant Job Titles in Birmingham, Alabama - expense claim form

There are many job titles that Accounting & Finance positions fall under including:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Auditing Clerk
  • Auditor
  • Budget Analyst
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Advisor

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Career Opportunities

Accounting Careers in Birmingham, Alabama - accountant shaking hands with client

When you are looking for a position in accounting and finance, you could expect to work in almost any type of industry.

A few of the most common opportunities you will find include:

  • Treasurer/Business Officer in a school or university
  • Cost Estimator for a Civil Engineering, Manufacturing or Construction company
  • Payroll Clerk or Payroll Manager for a Recruitment company
  • Bookkeeper for a small manufacturer, retail store, large law office, small accounting firm or not­for­profit company

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Rewards & Challenges for Accountants

Tax Accounting Jobs in Birmingham, Alabama - accountant working late on taxt returns


A career in Accounting is a great foundation.

You have the advantage of seeing how the company operates and how each part of it fits together, so if you decide to change your career path at a later stage, you have the advantage of having a big picture of where each position fits in.

With a career in accounting, you can work in many different industry sectors, anywhere in the country, or world!

The job pays well, and the hours can be very flexible; there are part ­time and full­ time positions offered and many are self­-employed.

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It can be stressful.

You have important deadlines to meet, and if you are preparing tax returns for a client, there is a tremendous amount of pressure.

The hours can be long, especially if when it’s month end or it’s budget season. You need to constantly be aware of what is happening within the organization and keep abreast of the latest Accounting laws.

The job can be tedious and repetitive for some, so you need to have a love of working with figures and being at a desk, concentrating and remaining focused for long hours.

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Employee Placement in Alabama

Auditing Clerk Jobs in Birmingham, Alabama - account clerk reviews records

Darrell Walker Workforce offers employment services for the Accounting & Finance job sector in several Alabama cities, including:

Contact Darrell Walker WorkForce for more information about Accounting & Finance Job Opportunities in Alabama.

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