Option #1

Provide a clickable button (shown below) that opens the TempWorks form in a new browser window. This is easy to setup and the button text can be customized as needed.

Apply Online

Option #2

Embed the same TempWorks form in this DWW web page using the code provided by TempWorks.

Note by Vernon: It’s always preferable to use this option for SEVERAL reasons (I didn’t get into all of the specifics). The form should function the same (as far as communicating with your Tempworks HR Center, Job Board, etc.), but this implementation has a few problems.

Hopefully there will be a workaround. If not, it can create usability issues for site visitors that defeats the purpose of doing this (which I’ll explain later). At least you now have an idea of what I was hoping to accomplish. I haven’t given up yet, but we might have to stick with option #1 if this is the best we can do. To be fair, I’ve encountered this problem with other very popular practice management/CRM software companies in the legal, healthcare, and hospitality industries. It’s not unique to TempWorks.

For the sake of comparison, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what I was hoping to accomplish.

Example of a Good Form Embed

A couple of my other clients are heavy user of online forms. Just like with Tempworks, they have the option of providing a clickable button (try it out below) that opens their form in a new window.

Submit Health History

But a better solution (when properly implemented) is to embed the same form on their website, which we did. You can see this in action by clicking here.